Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to Get Your Kids to Obey

Getting children to obey their parents is often overwhelming. It's common for parents today to be frustrated by misbehavior and disobedience. We all want our kids to be good, well behaved, happy, respectful, and polite. While sometimes a child seems defiant and rebellious, sometimes, it's just because they really just aren’t sure what is expected of them. What can moms and dads do to help their kids mind?

Start by establishing clear and concise rules for your kids to follow. These rules need to be:
  • Short - they should be able to memorize them.
  • Simple - kids should be clear on what's expected.
  • Fun - remember that they are kids
For more information on how establishing simple rules can help you get your kids to obey read: Parenting Tip: Simple Rules to Help Kids Obey. By setting clear boundaries and expectations early, you can set your kids up for success and help them learn to obey.

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